Thursday, January 26, 2017

Liberal Arts for Personal and Global Growth

What happens when everyone grows?
Society grows.

What happens when you attend a Liberal Arts University?
You grow; and research backs that up.

So, what happens when a group of people engage in a Liberal Arts Education?
Society will grow and continue to progress forward.

Richard A. Detweiler found quantifiable evidence supporting a lifetime of positive results in students who attended a Liberal Arts University (aka, what we do best). These benefits span a breadth of characteristics that I think we can all agree would be worthwhile to develop in ourselves, and our world as a whole:

  • Students who attended a Liberal Arts University were more likely to have altruistic characteristics, especially at Universities that discussed ethical issues (aka our commitment to Civic Engagement).
  • Students who had more personal relationships with professors were more likely to feel more personally fulfilled in their lives. Further, students who talked with professors about nonacademic subjects were more likely to become leaders in their communities (aka our incredibly intelligent and personable professors).
  • Students who took part in class discussions were more likely to be lifelong learners (aka our student to faculty ratio of 11:1 that actually allows students to get involved in class.

What does all this mean?
Essentially, Liberal Arts Universities, like Pacific, are more likely to create altruistic leaders who expand their understandings of the world throughout the entirety of their lives.

So what does this mean for Pacific University?
Well, I guess you could say that we're kind of experts in the field of developing altruistic leaders who like to learn.

With our (1) commitment to every student's Civic Engagement, (2) our passion for creating students that "think, care, create, and pursue justice in our world" long after they graduate, and (3) our Professors who are nationally ranked and engage with students in a genuine way, we know a thing or two about our graduates going into the world and pushing for progress.

Not only are we a Liberal Arts University, we are a Liberal Arts University that excels in preparing our students to be effective people in the world. According to research, we're doing exactly what we need to do, to give you, and our world, the full value of a Liberal Arts Education at a high level.

Want to hear more about how you can begin your process of becoming a Boxer? Contact Admissions to learn how you can apply for free or schedule a visit with Pacific; a University that creates leaders who care, learn more, and use that to create a better world for all.

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