Friday, September 15, 2017

Why Pacific? ~ Destiny's Story

Name: Destiny
Major: Biology
Year: Junior
Hometown: Lake Arrowhead, California

What was your college search like?

My college search was guided by my career goal of becoming a physical therapist. I had only applied to 4 or 5 different colleges but I had made sure that each one contained my major and was able to get me onto the right path for my career. I also had a general idea of what I was looking for in a college and location, which helped narrow my search even more.
How did you hear about Pacific University?

I heard about Pacific online while I was searching for colleges that had health professions/pre-med courses and that’s when Pacific Health Professions Education (HPE) program had popped up. After further research I learned that this program offered a great advantage into getting an interview with one of Pacific’s graduate schools and I wasn't going to surpass this offer.

What was your first Pacific visit like?

My first visit to Pacific was actually the day I was registering for classes and meeting with my advisor. I hadn’t had the chance to visit before I accepted to come to Pacific, but I had looked up pictures of campus and the town surrounding it. I was amazed by how beautiful the campus was, the scenery was vibrant and green when compared to California’s national forests that I’m used to. I felt at peace being on campus, everyone I met was beyond friendly and helpful, it felt as though I had belonged here which was great feeling since it was now my new home for the next four years.

Why Pacific?

There were a few main reason why I had choose Pacific over all the other schools I was accepted into. I liked the fact that I was able to get involved with the HPE program, which would help turn my career goals into a reality. Pacific was more personal than any other school I applied to, I lovedthe fact that I had received hand written letters in the mail as well as getting personal phone calls from current Pacific students and my admissions counselor. I figured since Pacific was making a huge effort to make their incoming students feel welcomed then it would be the right choice for me. I also liked the fact that Pacific was a small private university, so it gives you the opportunity to know you professors on a personal level and there’s not a chance that you’ll be lost in the system as you would at a bigger school.

Are you happy with your college choice?

There’s going to be a time in your decision process where you start to question whether or not you made the right choice and if you ended up where you needed to be and Pacific is exactly that for me. I love the fact that I know each and every professor on a personal level and that they are always willing to work with us students so we can succeed.  It’s also nice to see professors on campus and having the opportunity to have conversations with them outside of the classroom.  This is something that a larger school wouldn't be able to offer their students and I think that this makes Pacific more personal for students.
What are you involved in at Pacific?

I’m a part of the admissions student workers here, as well as a part of an intramural sports team. In the past, I was a part of Outdoor Pursuits and helped lead the white water rafting Voyage which was an amazing experience and I would highly suggest any freshmen take part in the Voyages program.

What are you planning on doing with the rest of your time at Pacific?

I plan to finish my Biology major as well as try to finish up my Exercise Science minor. I also plan to do some research and gain more knowledge from the amazing faculty here.

What are your plans after Pacific?

After Pacific I plan on attending medical school so that I could pursue my goal of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. There are many different paths to becoming a surgeon, but I think that I may become an Air Force surgeon so that I help give back to those who need it.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Academic Highlight 007: Environmental Sciences

Academic Highlight 007:
Environmental Sciences

Here at Pacific University we want to empower students to find news ways to support the environment and sustainable development. That's why we have 5 different programs within our Environmental Studies department (click on each to read more):

Environmental Biology
Environmental Science
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
Environmental Studies: Policy, Culture and Society, and
Applied Sustainability

Our students can learn anything from Conservation Biology and Restoration Ecology to Permaculture Design Science and Geospatial Analysis of ecological systems in specific geographic locations. We even have a professor who's working to save the world, one bird at a time (watch here)!

Basically, what we're trying to say, is that if you want to study the Environment and how to support it, we've got your back.

Do you want to help keep our environment healthy for generations to come? Contact Admissions to learn how you can apply for free or schedule a visit with Pacific; a University that's helping passionate Environmental Scientists to change the world by helping others live healthier and happier lives.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Annual Pacific University Lu'au

Our 57th annual Lu'au is coming up on April 8th, and we are more excited than ever.

Each year, we put together the largest Lu'au on the mainland, and we're proud of it.


Because we believe in giving students knowledge and experiences that broaden their perspectives of the world and the people around them. Students from all over the map participate in our Lu'au, increasing the community learning experience of the event.

So, not only do you get to watch an amazing show and eat delicious food, you also are enriched with a broader understanding of our world, different cultures, and the people that make everything special.

New and diverse experiences are things we deeply value here at Pacific, and we’re excited that you do too. Come see what we’re all about: contact Admissions to learn how you can apply for free or schedule a visit.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Environmental Action Clubs

Our students care here; even in their clubs.

Our passion for environmental action and advocacy even extends beyond the classes, our Leed-certified buildings, and our passionate professors; it's in the day to day actions of our students.

It's in their conscious consumer habits.
It's in their mindful transportation choices.
It's in their encouragement of our community to "grow green" with us.

From our club for our own certified organic B-Street Farm, to our Animal Ethics club, to our campus group of Students for Environmental Activism (SEA), our students care. 

They care about taking what they learn in the classroom into the world to do good for others and for earth.

Whether these clubs are hosting advocacy events surrounding Earth Day or encouraging more sustainable, small, daily choices, our students are helping all of us to become better citizens of our planet.

Want to join in our students' efforts, both in and out of the classroom, to create a more sustainable future? We sure would love it if you did. Contact Admissions to learn how you can apply for free or schedule a visit with Pacific; a University with clubs that care.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Academic Highlight 006: Music Therapy

Academic Highlight 006

Music Therapy

Do you like music? How about helping people?
Music Therapy just might be the perfect fit for you.

Here at Pacific, we are always looking for new ways to help make the lives of others better. One way that we do that is by giving students who are passionate about both music and helping professions a way to directly blend both of their passions into one field of study. Not only that, but you will also graduate ready to become Nationally certified as a professional music therapist:

"The bachelor of music therapy degree offers musicians the opportunity to take their talents into the healing and helping professions. Provisionally accredited by the American Music Therapy Association, the music therapy program is a rigorous, five-year course of study that includes a year-long internship with a board certified professional and prepares students to sit for national certification."

You will take courses in music, psychology, physiology, healthcare ethics, and philosophy, and will even have a year-long hands-on experience built in to your education. So, if you are ready to take your passion for music into a helping profession, we are here to empower you in that process.

So, do you want to join us in using music to help others live life to the fullest? Contact Admissions to learn how you can apply for free or schedule a visit with Pacific; a University that's helping passionate Music Therapists to change the world by helping others live healthier and happier lives.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Why Pacific? ~ Nicole's Story

Name: Nicole Mari Paz J. Corpuz
Major: Biology
Year: 2018
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii 

What was your college search like?

     When I was applying for college, I wanted to go to a small university. In high school, I went on a college tour that visited schools with big campuses. Since that tour, I knew that I wanted to attend a school that had small class sizes where my professors would know my name, and I would be more than just another person taking up a seat in a lecture hall. In addition, I wanted to make sure the college I attended was a school that my family and I could afford. Also, choosing a school that had a pharmacy program was an ideal factor as well. Lastly, wanting to leave the islands and experience going to school was a huge factor for me. 

How did you hear about Pacific University?

     It was near the end of my junior year when I heard that my old high school counselor was returning to Oregon to work for Admissions at Pacific University. Then, the following year, Uncle Jeff and Uncle Gary came to school to give a presentation about the Pacific, where we were fortunate enough to Skype with my old counselor. Seeing that Pacific had an accelerated pharmacy school and gave out scholarships for your grades, I knew that Pacific University was a great option. 

What was your first Pacific visit like?

     It was the end of January when I visited Pacific during a Pacesetters day. I remember driving to Forest Grove using the back roads, and I saw how different it was from back home. My mom and I wanted to cross Pacific out of our list, but because of the academics, the people, and the campus environment, Pacific was still in the running. 

Why Pacific?

     Pacific was the only school, in my opinion, that made a personal connection with me as a senior in high school. Having that sense of belonging, I knew I was excited to go to college already. Also, in March, there was a reception that my mom and I attended. I remember at the end of the reception, my mom and I, along with so many other people went to speak with Karen, the Assistant Vice President of Enrollment. The line was so long we wondered if it was really worth it because she was so busy. I remember while waiting in line, she turned towards us and asked for us to wait because she was going to give us a chance to speak with her. This was my mom’s first experience with the application process here in the U.S., and for someone with such a high title to make time for you reaffirmed that sense of belonging. 

Are you happy with your college choice?

     I am beyond thankful for attending Pacific University for it has opened SO MANY doors for me. Every time I return home or even think about how I was in high school, I am so proud of myself of how I matured throughout the years. Each year I find myself joining more clubs, participating in more extra-curricular activities, and just putting myself in positions where I continue to grow. I am very thankful for being here and being able to experience this dream of mine.

What are you involved in at Pacific?

     I am a member of Pre-Pharmacy Club, Biology Club, Chemistry Club, STATs club, and Hawaii club. In Hawaii club, I co-chair in two committees, PAC Decorations (decorating for our annual luau) and Floral. In addition, I work in Admissions as a receptionist, I am a tour guide, and a member of our Current Student Panel. My sophomore year, I was a student ambassador that worked the few weeks before school started by helping with the freshman orientation. 

What are you planning on doing with the rest of your time at Pacific?

     With the remaining time at Pacific, I choose to involve myself in positions that help me to grow. I want to finish up taking classes required for my major, and maybe squeeze in classes to work on a Public Health minor. There are just so many resources here at Pacific to connect me with the right people and I know that Pacific continues to shape me into the well-rounded person that have become. I can't wait to see how much I've accomplished by the time I graduate!

What are your plans after Pacific?

     After Pacific, I hope to attend Pacific's School of Pharmacy, and, one day, I hope to work in California or back home in Hawaii. In the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy every second and moment I make whether it be studying, with friends, or participating in school events. Well, because at Pacific, every day is a learning opportunity and another chance to better myself for the future ahead. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Why Pacific? - Sarah's Story

Name: Sarah
Major: Sociology - Currently abroad in York, England
Year: Junior
Hometown: Camas, WA

What was your college search like?
My college search process was guided by my career goal at the end of high school. At the time, I wanted to be an Audiologist. I had taken every step that I could think of to prepare myself for that pursuit. I studied the field independently, I job shadowed an Audiologist, I interviewed four or five Audiologists, ENT's, and SLP's, I did my due-diligence at preparing for a field that I though I was passionate about. So when I looked at schools, I tried to find a university that would allow me to study Pre-Communication Sciences and Disorders, so that I could transition into graduate school seamlessly.

How did you hear about Pacific University?
I heard about Pacific through my parents. After they had returned home from a drive through wine country, my parents were convinced that Pacific was the university for me. Of course, in my angsty teenager mood I didn't believe them, but I started to like the idea of going there after visiting campus during the Concours d'Elegance. Seeing campus in the summer was a turning point that put Pacific on my radar, so when I returned to high school in the Fall, I was beyond ready to meet the Pacific representative. 

What was your first Pacific visit like?
My first time visiting Pacific was during Pacesetters. I remember driving through the Oregon countryside and how green and beautiful it was. It had just become spring so everything was green and gorgeous. The fog was just lifting as we drove around the roundabouts, and I remember myself getting butterflies when I saw the "Welcome to Forest Grove" sign. Campus seemed so big at the time, and so unfamiliar. But the buildings were beautiful and learning about all of the amenities and services that Pacific offered made me believe that I would have a worthwhile experience there. Everyone was so friendly when we got there, and I was convinced after my visit that I wanted to go to Pacific. 

Why Pacific?
A few factors made me decide to come to Pacific, the first was that it was so close to home. I love my family and I wanted to be able to visit them whenever I wanted. I also love living in the Pacific North West, so being close to Portland and a lot of different outdoor excursions made me really excited. Academically, I loved that Pacific was one of the few schools that had a CSD program, and that I could take a course to be guaranteed an interview at my graduate school of choice. Pacific also had small class sizes, which meant I wouldn't be forgotten or considered another statistic in a university classroom. Pacific was (and continues to be) there for me every step of the way My councilor supported me not only through the last leg of high school, but also through my applications for scholarships. She encouraged and supported  me and that gave me a great impression of what my life at Pacific was going to be like. There were so many opportunities that Pacific offered me, and it seemed silly to refuse those opportunities. It was also a friendly and nurturing environment that supported my discovery and exploration of the unfamiliar.  

Are you happy with your college choice?
I am happy I chose Pacific because I have had so many wonderful experiences here. Not all of them have been good, but what I love about that is that my community at Pacific encouraged me to be resilient in the face of adversity and to keep trying, no matter how tough things get. I have been able to meet my best friends, some of them from around the world. I have also been able to cultivate relationships with my professors, who are also encouraging and supportive. I have gained professional experience through my two jobs on campus, which have also given me so many amazing mentors who guide me and help me without hesitation. Through Pacific I was also able to study abroad this semester and not have that disturb my academics, and being in a different country has also made me realize how excited I am to come back to my fellow Boxers. I have had an amazing experience of exploring and meeting people from every walk of life. 

What are you involved in at Pacific?
On campus I'm involved in the Muslim Student Association, which is an inclusive club that has allowed myself and other young muslims to connect with our fellow Boxers (no matter their religion), I'm a part of French club, where we have a lot of fun watching films, making crepes, and go adventuring together. I also got to meet plenty of people from different countries through the International Program, which connected me with my friends from Japan, Germany, and Hong Kong. 

What are you planning on doing with the rest of your time at Pacific?
My goal for next semester is to bring UNICEF's Campus Initiative to Pacific, which is a grassroots campaign that encourages college students to help children around the world who are in need. 

What are your plans after Pacific?
After Pacific I plan to attend graduate school for Sociology to continue my passion for the field. During my time at Pacific I discovered an excitement for Sociology and conducting sociological research. Although this is different from my former plans, it opened new avenues for me to explore as well as new ways of thinking and looking at the world around me. Aside from this, I plan to volunteer either at home or abroad and find work in something that inspires me.

Become a Boxer Today!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Why Pacific? - Sydney's Story

Name: Sydney
Major: Sociology
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Sacramento, CA

What was your college search like?
Difficult. I was overwhelmed with the idea of leaving my family and everything that was familiar. I was unsure of what I wanted, so naturally I applied to 14 different schools all up and down the west coast. I was accepted to 11 of the 14, and began touring schools that were in my top 5. Pacific was the last school I was set to tour, and I instantly fell in love. 

How did you hear about Pacific University?
I heard about Pacific through a private career counselor that I had worked with to help me with the college process. She highly recommended Pacific and thought it would be a perfect fit for me. After going through Pacific's website and seeing what they offered to assist with my long term goals, I decided to apply. 

What was your first Pacific visit like?
My first visit was two weeks before Decision Day (May 1st). I was lost in the decision process, but once I arrived on campus, I was welcomed by the admissions staff and immediately felt at home. This was the first time at any of the schools that I had toured where someone actually sat down with me and discussed how the school fits into the vision for my future. For the first time, I was not just another student looking at the school, I was Sydney--the girl looking for a new home.

Why Pacific?
I wanted small class sizes, hands on learning, a motivated student body, and a family oriented campus life…Pacific had it all! 

Are you happy with your college choice?
I am extremely happy that I chose Pacific! I could not imagine my life anywhere else. Pacific has provided me with so many opportunities to find my true self, find what I am passionate about, and learn about the world from a different perspective. 

What are you involved in at Pacific?
I am a campus tour guide, CASBE member (student panel that speaks at prospective events), Freshman Year Seminar Mentor, and an admissions office assistant. I am really passionate about helping students find their way here at Pacific!

What are you planning on doing with the rest of your time at Pacific?
In my future here at Pacific, I hope that I will continue to challenge myself, build my resume, and work with professors on research opportunities. Also, I hope to build more lasting relationships with both faculty and staff here at Pacific. 

What are your plans after Pacific?
Being a sociology major, I have lots of doors open to me and I am not quite ready to close any yet. I am interested in marketing for non-profits. I want to work with people and make the world a better place. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Academic Highlight 005: Exercise Science

Academic Highlight 005
Exercise Science

"I want to help people with physical injuries or disabilities,” she said. “I want to help people live life to the fullest."
-Serena Wallace, Class of 2019 (pictured above)

How do our Exercise Science students change the world?
By helping others live life to the fullest.

Our Exercise Science students know exactly how to take the concepts that they learn in courses like Exercise Physiology and Perceptual Motor Learning, and take them to the communities around them, helping others to live healthier lives. The Mayo Clinic provides 7 reasons why regular exercise makes life better for all people, and our exceptional Exercise Science students are learning exactly how to take those benefits to the masses.

Every day, students like Serena Wallace are pushing and pulling on exercise academia, through ongoing research projects with our professors, and hands on learning experiences that sometimes even have our students telling our staff and faculty a thing or two about how they can live healthier lives.

So whether it's as a Physical Therapist, or as an Elementary School PE teacher, our students are ready to make the world a healthier and happier place for all people. Our outstanding Exercise Science department is ready for you to join in that too.

So, do you want to join us in helping others live life to the fullest? Contact Admissions to learn how you can apply for free or schedule a visit with Pacific; a University that's helping passionate Exercise Scientists to change the world by helping others live healthier lives.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Diverse Perspectives

Raise your hand if you think you need to know about people and places around the world, in order to know how best create change?

Yeah, our hand is up too.

Here at Pacific, we believe that changing the world should be integrated into your everyday life; the way you live, the way you do everything, should reflect the type of world that you want to have. This means that one of the four cornerstones for your time at Pacific is International and Diverse Perspectives.
We believe that, in order to effect true world change, we all need to continually increase our awareness of and competency with diverse cultures. If we know more about different people and cultures, then we can better know how to make the world a better place for all, even just in our day-to-day interactions.

Sounds great, right?

We think so too. Here’s how we do it:
·         Pro-social clubs and organizations, like Black Student Union, which are open to all students for participation.
·         On and off campus events that extend your cultural horizons, whether it be a panel on gender and sexuality diversity, or a serve day on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
·         Study abroad, and immerse yourself in another culture, learning the about the issues most pertinent to that part of the earth.
And if that’s not enough, your cultural horizons will be expanded just by showing up to class. We offer classes that emphasize diverse thinking in everything from Anthropology to Art, and everything in between. If you want to learn how to think more inclusively, and you want to do it through a Music, we even offer that.

Diversity is something we value here at Pacific, and we’re excited that you do too. Come see what we’re all about: contact Admissions to learn how you can apply for free or schedule a visit.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Academic Highlight 004: Education

Academic Highlight 004

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
-Nelson Mandela

We couldn't have said it better ourselves; but we try to at least come close, every day.

Pacific University works hard to prepare its students to educate the next generation in ways that empower themselves as teachers, and their students as learners. How do we do this? By giving our students in the Education program a "deep understanding of the psychological, social, philosophical, and curricular foundations of education."

By doing this, we take on that privilege of using education as an agent for social change, and give our students the tools to do the same. The students in our Education program graduate ready to pass on the tools they have learned to youth of all ages, in all sorts of classroom settings.

How does that sound to you?
Yeah; it sounds pretty amazing to us too.

Do you want to join us in creating a generation of teachers that empower their students to change the world? Contact Admissions to learn how you can apply for free or schedule a visit with Pacific; a University that's helping passionate teachers change the world by equipping youth with the same skills.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Academic Highlight 003: Business

Academic Highlight 003

How does Pacific University empower its Business students to be world-changers?
By developing skills in students that "foster students’ ability to make decisions with ethics and integrity."

Michael Porter, in his increasingly engaging Ted talk (if you have 15 minutes, we think you'd really enjoy watching it) discusses why businesses may actually be the future of solving issues in the world like sustainability or lack of access to water.

Pacific University Business students are ready to jump in with exactly what Michael Porter discusses.

Pacific University students are joining in that effort to use their skills for Business in making the world a better place. They're taking their ideas, and using their skills to find solutions to the issues the world is seeking answers for. How?

"The business program at Pacific University helps students develop skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication and quantitative reasoning. These skills foster students’ ability to make decisions with ethics and integrity."

Pacific University Business students graduate prepared to become effective, not only in their business practices, but also in using those business practices to help those around them.

Contact Admissions to learn how you can apply for free or schedule a visit with Pacific; a University that's empowering passionate Business students to make a difference in our world.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Liberal Arts for Personal and Global Growth

What happens when everyone grows?
Society grows.

What happens when you attend a Liberal Arts University?
You grow; and research backs that up.

So, what happens when a group of people engage in a Liberal Arts Education?
Society will grow and continue to progress forward.

Richard A. Detweiler found quantifiable evidence supporting a lifetime of positive results in students who attended a Liberal Arts University (aka, what we do best). These benefits span a breadth of characteristics that I think we can all agree would be worthwhile to develop in ourselves, and our world as a whole:

  • Students who attended a Liberal Arts University were more likely to have altruistic characteristics, especially at Universities that discussed ethical issues (aka our commitment to Civic Engagement).
  • Students who had more personal relationships with professors were more likely to feel more personally fulfilled in their lives. Further, students who talked with professors about nonacademic subjects were more likely to become leaders in their communities (aka our incredibly intelligent and personable professors).
  • Students who took part in class discussions were more likely to be lifelong learners (aka our student to faculty ratio of 11:1 that actually allows students to get involved in class.

What does all this mean?
Essentially, Liberal Arts Universities, like Pacific, are more likely to create altruistic leaders who expand their understandings of the world throughout the entirety of their lives.

So what does this mean for Pacific University?
Well, I guess you could say that we're kind of experts in the field of developing altruistic leaders who like to learn.

With our (1) commitment to every student's Civic Engagement, (2) our passion for creating students that "think, care, create, and pursue justice in our world" long after they graduate, and (3) our Professors who are nationally ranked and engage with students in a genuine way, we know a thing or two about our graduates going into the world and pushing for progress.

Not only are we a Liberal Arts University, we are a Liberal Arts University that excels in preparing our students to be effective people in the world. According to research, we're doing exactly what we need to do, to give you, and our world, the full value of a Liberal Arts Education at a high level.

Want to hear more about how you can begin your process of becoming a Boxer? Contact Admissions to learn how you can apply for free or schedule a visit with Pacific; a University that creates leaders who care, learn more, and use that to create a better world for all.

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The value of a Pacific education: