Thursday, March 2, 2017

Why Pacific? ~ Nicole's Story

Name: Nicole Mari Paz J. Corpuz
Major: Biology
Year: 2018
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii 

What was your college search like?

     When I was applying for college, I wanted to go to a small university. In high school, I went on a college tour that visited schools with big campuses. Since that tour, I knew that I wanted to attend a school that had small class sizes where my professors would know my name, and I would be more than just another person taking up a seat in a lecture hall. In addition, I wanted to make sure the college I attended was a school that my family and I could afford. Also, choosing a school that had a pharmacy program was an ideal factor as well. Lastly, wanting to leave the islands and experience going to school was a huge factor for me. 

How did you hear about Pacific University?

     It was near the end of my junior year when I heard that my old high school counselor was returning to Oregon to work for Admissions at Pacific University. Then, the following year, Uncle Jeff and Uncle Gary came to school to give a presentation about the Pacific, where we were fortunate enough to Skype with my old counselor. Seeing that Pacific had an accelerated pharmacy school and gave out scholarships for your grades, I knew that Pacific University was a great option. 

What was your first Pacific visit like?

     It was the end of January when I visited Pacific during a Pacesetters day. I remember driving to Forest Grove using the back roads, and I saw how different it was from back home. My mom and I wanted to cross Pacific out of our list, but because of the academics, the people, and the campus environment, Pacific was still in the running. 

Why Pacific?

     Pacific was the only school, in my opinion, that made a personal connection with me as a senior in high school. Having that sense of belonging, I knew I was excited to go to college already. Also, in March, there was a reception that my mom and I attended. I remember at the end of the reception, my mom and I, along with so many other people went to speak with Karen, the Assistant Vice President of Enrollment. The line was so long we wondered if it was really worth it because she was so busy. I remember while waiting in line, she turned towards us and asked for us to wait because she was going to give us a chance to speak with her. This was my mom’s first experience with the application process here in the U.S., and for someone with such a high title to make time for you reaffirmed that sense of belonging. 

Are you happy with your college choice?

     I am beyond thankful for attending Pacific University for it has opened SO MANY doors for me. Every time I return home or even think about how I was in high school, I am so proud of myself of how I matured throughout the years. Each year I find myself joining more clubs, participating in more extra-curricular activities, and just putting myself in positions where I continue to grow. I am very thankful for being here and being able to experience this dream of mine.

What are you involved in at Pacific?

     I am a member of Pre-Pharmacy Club, Biology Club, Chemistry Club, STATs club, and Hawaii club. In Hawaii club, I co-chair in two committees, PAC Decorations (decorating for our annual luau) and Floral. In addition, I work in Admissions as a receptionist, I am a tour guide, and a member of our Current Student Panel. My sophomore year, I was a student ambassador that worked the few weeks before school started by helping with the freshman orientation. 

What are you planning on doing with the rest of your time at Pacific?

     With the remaining time at Pacific, I choose to involve myself in positions that help me to grow. I want to finish up taking classes required for my major, and maybe squeeze in classes to work on a Public Health minor. There are just so many resources here at Pacific to connect me with the right people and I know that Pacific continues to shape me into the well-rounded person that have become. I can't wait to see how much I've accomplished by the time I graduate!

What are your plans after Pacific?

     After Pacific, I hope to attend Pacific's School of Pharmacy, and, one day, I hope to work in California or back home in Hawaii. In the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy every second and moment I make whether it be studying, with friends, or participating in school events. Well, because at Pacific, every day is a learning opportunity and another chance to better myself for the future ahead. 

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