Monday, August 25, 2014

Fall 2014 Senior Preview Days

Pacific Preview Days provide high school seniors and their guests an opportunity to interact with the Pacific University campus and community.  Throughout the day you will hear from an Admissions Counselor, meet with outstanding faculty and tour our beautiful campus.

Below is the list of dates that Senior Preview Days will be taking place.  Please click on one of the dates to RSVP:


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Who is Boxer?

Students admiring the original Boxer statue. 

There are a lot of crazy college mascots out there; Banana slugs, boll weevils, okra, the list goes on.  Pacific also has a non-traditional mascot that we are very proud call "Boxer."

In Chinese culture, Boxer is known as a Foo Dog, Buddha Dog, or Qilin. Boxer is thought to be a mix of several animals; a lion, a dog, a dragon, a unicorn, and some others (depends really on who you ask). This creature is a mystical  guardian and that protects the entrances of places like temples, tombs and palaces. Boxers also bring good luck to the people that they watch over.

In 1896, a statue of Boxer was brought to the university from China by Alum, Reverend J.E. Walker. The statue became a 
coveted item on campus, so students started a tradition where people would try to steal Boxer. This practice was dubbed, “Boxer Toss,” but ended in 1969 when the statue was stolen and never returned. The statue hasn't been seen on campus since...complete that is. Every once in a while an alum will return a piece of the original statue, that had broken off due to the toss. The latest piece was Boxer’s tail, which was returned by Don Metzer ’66, O.D. ’67 in July of 2012.
For more information about our awesome mascot, Boxer, check out Boxer Central at:

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Oregon Private College Week

Oregon Private College Week (OPCW) was an event that was sponsored by the Oregon Alliance of Independent Colleges and Universities.  This event was created to give prospective college students the opportunity to find out more about the private colleges in Oregon.

This was the first year that OPCW was held.  Pacific University, along with 10 other private colleges, held two visit sessions a day from July 28, 2014 - August 1, 2014. Students who attended these sessions at Pacific, participated in the #Boxertour Challenge. Students who took part in this challenge went on a tour of campus and were given a sheet of paper that they used to write down five locations on campus where they saw Pacific's mascot, Boxer. While on the tour, students were also encouraged to take photos of themselves with our mascot, post the photos on a social media outlet and hashtag the photos "#boxertour". After they were done with the tour, students wrote their names/social media handle on their sheets of paper, and entered them into a drawing for some pacific swag.

Below are some pictures of the lucky student who participated and WON:


Monday, May 12, 2014

Boxer Life in Forest Grove

Forest Grove, Oregon is the home of Pacific University. There are a lot of perks that Boxers can take advantage of in Forest Grove. Listed below are a few of them:

1. Theatre in the Grove

Forest Grove has a very active theatre community. If you are a theatre lover or an aspiring thespian, you owe it to yourself to check-out the productions that are coming up!

The Grove:
Pacific University:

2. The Farmers Market
Every Wednesday from May through October, on Main Street (between Pacific Avenue and 21st Avenue), the Market is held from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. It features fresh produce and flowers, along the tastiest traditional tamales this side of Mexico. It also offers children’s activities, opportunities for cultural exchange, entertainment, locally made crafts and a mini-photo studio ready to take your family (roommate & you) portrait.

3.  Discounts @ Local Businesses & Restaurants

Boxers get discounts at local businesses and restaurants.  Listed below are just some of the discounts that students receive when they flash their Boxer I.D. cards:

-Maggie's Buns - 10% off
-Pizza Schmizza - $1 off
-Forest Theater - $2 Movie, $1 Popcorn & $1 Soda
-Regal & Cornelius Cinema - 2 Tickets for $11

4.  The Great Outdoors

Just minutes from our Historic Downtown, you can be hiking, horseback riding or biking through old growth forests, boating on a peaceful lake or playing a few rounds of golf on some of the most picturesque courses in the region. Click HERE to discover some of the places to enjoy the great outdoors.


Forest Grove offers its residents a peaceful and serene slice of Americana.  This environment provides perfect conditions to hunker down and study!!!  At Pacific, your academic success is paramount. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Best of Both Worlds

Pacific University is located in the sleepy town of Forest Grove, OR.  Forest Grove is located 30 minutes west of Portland, OR.  As a student at Pacific, you will have the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds: the peace and beauty that Forest Grove provides (perfect for studying) and the fun, metropolitan scene that Portland offers!

The next post will contain Forest Grove's "Top 5."

1.  Food Carts - Portland is a “foodie town” that is known for its diverse plethora of food carts. Food carts make it possible for creative cooks to dispense their culinary creations to the WORLD.  You would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not check out the many a delicious options that are provided through these vehicles.

2.  Powell's Books - Powell's is the largest independent bookstore in the world.  In fact, it is so big that the store provides a map for visitors.  A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon is getting lost in its aisles, grabbing some coffee from the store’s coffee shop, and thumbing through rare art books.

3.  "Take Me Out to the Ball Game...or Puck Game" - Portland is the proud host of the following professional sports teams:

Women's soccer
National Women's Soccer League
Arena football
Arena Football League
Major League Soccer
National Basketball Association
Ice hockey
Western Hockey League

4.  Concerts - Portland has a very active and diverse music scene that provides venues for both the 21+ crowd and the under 21 bunch.

5.  ZooThe Oregon Zoo has some pretty amazing animal exhibits and it boasts an extensive plant collection and specialized gardens. During the summer it is host to a concert series, and in the winter produces ZooLights, a holiday light show.

Need to learn more about transportation options?  Click HERE! Pacific also offers the Zipcar service.  Click HERE to learn more!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Studying in Santiago

Vanessa Yee is a Junior at Pacific University.  She is currently studying abroad in Santiago, Chile, and would like to share what she has experienced so far!

When I first decided to be a Spanish and Exercise Science double major, everyone thought I was crazy! It seemed like every time I told someone that I was a language and science double major, I would be asked the inevitable question: “But how will you have enough time?” Well, ladies and gents, I made time. Studying abroad in Chile spring semester of my Junior year has been an experience like no other and I am so glad that  I chose to study abroad! Sure, it may mean a full credit load all my other semesters, but there is absolutely nothing like experiencing another culture. I have only been down here for two months, and I already know that it was totally worth it! I chose to live with a Chilean lady instead of in a house with several other university students, and I am so glad I made that choice. Homestay is definitely the way to go! Many evenings have been spent talking about Chilean culture and traditions over a piping hot plate of Charquican, which is a traditional Chilean dish kind of like beef stew, or strolling around one of the many neighborhood parks in Santiago learning new vocabulary or “Chilanismos”, which are common Chilean sayings

Me in Parque Araucano!

School, classes, and the atmosphere here are actually not unlike those at Pacific. The Universidad de los Andes is one of the smaller private universities here in Santiago; it is actually a pretty new school, only 25 years old! That is really young in comparison to Pacific! I am taking fully integrated classes; in fact, I only have one class that is just exchange students! This does make for an intense workload, but I have made some great Chilean friends as well! Universidad de los Andes does a good job of looking after its exchange students. It took a little motivation on my part, but I am all settled in now! 

Argentina, USA, Spain, Poland, and France, respectively!

I have made some great friends in the group of exchange students; it really helped that all of us attended an orientation together for the first week of school. We did everything from take a tour of campus, to visit Pablo Neruda’s house here in Santiago, to go to the concert sponsored by the university!

Spain, Austria, Mexico, and USA at the concert!
I am actually the only student from the USA in the exchange program at this time, and the first from Pacific University! If any of you Boxers out there are thinking of studying at the Universidad de los Andes, know that the credit transfer is a little weird, and you will need to take 24 credits to qualify as a full time student! Don't worry...its not as bad as it sounds. My weekends have been spent getting to know Santiago and the people in it. Last weekend, my friend from Peru, Tania, and I went to the central market, which sells a LOT of  fish and local goods, and then I spent a beautiful afternoon on Santa Lucia hill.

Tania and me at the top of Santa Lucia hill!

Well, Boxers and Future Boxers, that’s all for now! Un beso y chao! Hasta la próxima vez!

Are you interested in learning more about Pacific's study abroad opportunities?  Click HERE for more information :)


Friday, April 4, 2014

Sustainability at Pacific

Pacific supports education, research, policy formation, and information exchange to move toward global sustainability and offers peer institutions and community partners assistance to do the same. We encourage all faculty, staff and students to create and participate in opportunities to raise university, public, industry, foundation and government awareness by openly addressing the need to move toward an environmentally sustainable future.

Pacific University takes seriously the responsibility to cultivate a well-educated, engaged 

community committed to building a healthier future. As stated in our mission, we embrace the 
concept of environmental sustainability, and commit to using the University as a learning 
laboratory for sustainable practices. Students have the opportunity to contribute/learn through the following:

Center for a Sustainable Society

Opened in July 2012, the center works closely with the University Sustainability Committee, student environmental organizations, faculty, staff and off-campus partners—such as METRO, Clean Water Services, businesses, nonprofits and local cities—to make the day-to-day operations of the University and the region more sustainable. In concert with the university's mission, the center also promotes opportunities for research, education and relevant work experiences for students.

Sustainability Minor

The minor in sustainability at Pacific University allows students to craft their own course of study within the environmental studies field in order to build their understanding of the components of sustainability. Students gain the core knowledge that allows them to enhance their primary field of study with environmental knowledge. They may use their understanding of sustainability in the corporate world, in nonprofits, in building design, in art or in education.