Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Favorite Things: Dorm Edition

Whether you'll be coming from across the country or down the road, knowing what to pack and bring to college is important!  You don't want to bring too much stuff (or else you might make your roommate grumpy), but you also don't want to forget the essentials.

So, we asked our students what item(s) they were glad they brought, which items they wish they had brought, and which items they should have left at home:

These are a few of our favorite things...

"I can't live without my iPod!  I use it when I want to sing obnoxiously along with my favorite tunes and/or block out unwanted noise while I'm studying.  Also, it makes a great workout buddy!"  - Tiara

"You should definitely bring flip flops (shower shoes!), warm fuzzy blanket for comfort, and a mini-fridge for snacks! And, bring snacks, too!"  - Sarah

"Duct Tape.  Every college student needs duct tape."  - Tyler

"Bring plastic hooks!  The easy-peel ones!  I use them for everything.  You'll need them for towels too; and for hanging up things like mirrors or rain coats. Then, they peel right off, so you don't mess up the walls!   Bring a mini-whiteboard, too.  Trust me.  And, Chuck, my fish. :)  I actually bought him in Oregon (at the pet store across from campus).  He makes my day!"   - Jodi
Jodi's fish, Chuck
"I wish I would have brought waterproof gloves.  It snowed in late fall (around Thanksgiving) and because I hadn't been home yet, and didn't bring gloves, I ended up making sock-plastic-bag mittens so I could play in the snow!  Creative..."   - Michelle

"I couldn't live without my rainboots, my phone (because it has my camera and music on it), and a few good sweatshirts!"  - Tawni

"You can cook for yourself in the residence halls, so don't forget to bring a frying pan, dish soap, and a sponge.  Very helpful."  - Tony

And, some other ideas....
We can't wait to see you here in the fall!

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